Yarn Care and Storage: Keep Your Precious Fibers Vibrant

As yarn enthusiasts, we've all been there – you fall in love with a gorgeous skein of yarn, spend hours crafting a beautiful project, and want it to remain just as vibrant and lovely as the day you finished it. To achieve that, proper yarn care and storage are essential. Whether you're working with merino wool, nylon blends, naturally dyed yarn, or shimmery silk blends that Symfonie Yarns offers- we've got you covered. In this guide, we'll explore the best practices to make your precious yarn and handmade crafts last longer and look stunning for years to come.

Care For What You Love

Caring for your yarn is an essential part of any crafting journey. Different types of yarn require specific attention to maintain their quality and appearance. For natural fibers like merino wool in Viva, gentle handling is crucial to prevent stretching and distortion. Avoid wringing or twisting the yarn and opt for a gentle detergent when washing. When dealing with blends, such as Terra’s merino and nylon blend, make sure to machine-wash gently and rinse thoroughly, avoiding bleach to preserve their durability. Naturally dyed yarns demand a pH-balanced detergent and cool water to prevent color fading, while luxurious blends like merino and silk in the Luna range need special silk-friendly detergents and careful drying in the shade to retain their lustrous sheen. Caring for your yarn ensures that your crafted creations stay soft, vibrant, and stunning for years to come.

Colorful Symfonie Yarns

Superwash Makes it Super Easy

Caring for yarn has been made ten times easier with Symfonie Yarns’ superwash quality, which means you can machine wash your items in cold water on a gentle cycle. It takes away the hassle of hand-washing your yarn creations each time you feel like they need a washing. Leaving more time for you to knit, knit, knit!

Let’s Talk Storage

Proper yarn storage is crucial to protect your precious fibers and ensure they remain in top condition for your future projects. Here, we'll delve into more detail about various storage options to keep your yarn stash safe and organized!

Clear Plastic Storage Bins: Clear plastic bins are a popular choice for yarn storage because they offer visibility while protecting your yarn from dust, moisture, and pests. You can easily see the colors and textures of your yarn, making it simple to select the perfect skein for your project, and envisioning which color would look best on your dream project! Opt for bins with tight-fitting lids to keep out unwanted elements. Labeling the bins can help you quickly locate specific yarns when needed.

Sealable Bags: Sealable plastic bags, or specialized yarn storage bags, are a budget-friendly and convenient option. They come in various sizes to accommodate different yarn quantities. Place individual skeins or projects in these bags, squeeze out excess air, and seal them tightly to keep yarn clean and protected. With Symfonie Yarns’ diverse options, you can even pop in multiple mini skeins in one bag- leaving for more room overall.

Yarn Bowls: Yarn bowls are decorative and functional. They feature a hole or groove to thread your working yarn through, preventing it from tangling or rolling away while you work. When not in use, yarn bowls can serve as attractive storage for your current projects or favorite yarns. You can get them customized with cute animal faces too, with yarn coming out of the mouth, but then they’ll be difficult to keep away from the kids!

Hanging Shelves and Organizers: If you have limited floor space, consider utilizing vertical storage options. Hanging shelves or organizers can be hung on the wall or inside a closet door. These compartments are perfect for sorting yarn by color, weight, or project type, allowing you to access your stash easily while saving space. This option is a life-saver if you have pets, to keep the yarn away from their pointy paws.

Clear Shoe Organizers: Over-the-door shoe organizers with clear pockets provide a clever storage solution. Each pocket can hold a skein or two of yarn, making it simple to keep your stash organized and visible. This option is particularly useful for smaller spaces.

Yarn Carts or Trolleys: Yarn carts or trolleys with wheels offer mobility and convenience. You can keep your yarn stash neatly organized and easily move it around your crafting space as needed. These carts often feature multiple drawers or compartments for various yarn types.

Cedar or Lavender Sachets: To protect your yarn from pests like moths, consider placing cedar or lavender sachets in your storage containers. Both cedar and lavender are natural repellents that can help safeguard your yarn without the use of harsh chemicals.

Remember to store your yarn in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and fluctuations in temperature. Extreme heat, humidity, and UV exposure can damage fibers and cause colors to fade. With the right storage solutions, you can enjoy a well-organized yarn stash that's ready for all your creative endeavors!