From Our Hands to Yours

Welcome to Symfonie Yarns, your gateway to a world of artisanal creativity. Nestled in the vibrant heart of Delhi, India, we are excited to be translating the vitality of our extraordinary culture into a new line of hand-dyed fibers for knitters and crocheters. Our passion for color knows no bounds, and we are thrilled to unveil our inaugural collection, inspired by the rainbow of experiences that shape our daily lives. Our yarn collection spans a spectrum of yarn sizes and textures, transforming each skein of yarn into a canvas for your imagination. From the radiant marble mosques to the enchanting pink palaces, from the aromatic spices that fill our kitchens to the diverse flora and textiles surrounding us, our colorful yarns reflect the rich tapestry of our culture.

With an abundance of colorful threads, our commitment to these dyed yarns, and a wide array of yarn sizes, we eagerly anticipate weaving our stories, our culture, and our unwavering dedication to handwork into the fabric of your lives for countless seasons. Each skein of yarn we offer is a vibrant thread in the rich tapestry of our passion, and every yarn hank is a testament to the artistry and craftsmanship we hold dear. Join us on this colorful journey, where each strand is a story waiting to be woven.

Symfonie Yarns

Our Story

Symfonie Yarns is a proud division of KnitPro International, a family-owned leader in needlecraft tools and accessories with roots in Jaipur and Delhi (Noida), India. Our journey began with a group of dedicated knitters and crocheters within our team who immersed themselves in the art of hand-dyeing yarn. Their unwavering commitment and passion led to the dawn of Symfonie. It is not just a brand but a dreamchild for us.

Symfonie symbolizes the perfect blend of love, dedication, and a commitment to supplying artists worldwide with top-quality, affordably-priced, hand-dyed colorful yarns.

Our Yarns

All our base yarns and dyes are Oekotex Class 100 certified and can be worn next to the skin safely.

  • Viva

    100% Superwash Merino

  • Terra

    75% Superwash Merino
    & 25% Nylon

  • Flora

    Extra Fine Merino Worsted

  • Luna

    75% Merino & 25% Silk DK


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