Yarn Collection

We understand your multifaceted desires for knitting and crochet, and we have devoted our expertise to curating an exceptional collection tailored to meet your distinct requirements for the finest knitting yarn and crochet yarn. Symfonie's curated yarn collection is a celebration of the flora and fauna that grace our planet, an ode to the textiles, gems, and architectural marvels that have captivated our senses, and a profound tribute to the artisans who have endowed their profound knowledge to us. The shades in this collection emulate the lush greens of forests, the vibrant blooms of meadows, and the iridescence of butterfly wings.

Our commitment to providing the best hand-dyed yarn is unwavering. We carefully curate the finest materials to ensure that your projects are imbued with the same passion and devotion we put into our collection. Our commitment to quality is evident in every skein, which offers colors as unique as your creativity.

Discover our inventory, which includes the best hand-dyed yarns made with the greatest care and awareness, to get the best yarn for knitting and crocheting projects. Also, explore our DK weight yarn, an elegant option for knitting and crocheting lovers. Its luxurious texture and weight make it the ideal fabric for creating exquisite garments that drape gracefully and keep you warm. Our DK yarn comes in various hand-dyed semisolid hues that let you create captivating patterns and textures for your creative expression.

  • viva

    100% Extrafine Merino DK

  • terra

    75% Extrafine Merino & 25% Polyamide Fingering

  • Bella

    100% Extrafine Merino Worsted

  • luna

    75% Merino & 25% Silk DK