Wrap Up in Fashion: Simple Crochet Winter Hat Patterns

Winter not only brings the need for warmth but also opens the door for stylish headgear. As the crisp winter air settles in, there's a unique joy in crafting cozy accessories to ward off the chill, and what better way to embrace the season than by rocking a handmade crochet hat? Symfonie Yarns, with its extensive range of materials and a palette of vibrant hues, serves as the perfect companion for your winter crochet endeavors. The top notch Merino DK weight yarn variety in four ranges offered by Symfonie Yarns ensures that your imagination knows no bounds.

As a crochet enthusiast, you've probably mastered the art of the chain stitch, single crochet, and double crochet – the crochet ABCs, if you will. And that’s pretty much all you need to know to weave these magical winter hats; no stressful patterns, no alien stitches! With skills like increasing and decreasing, working in rounds, and maybe even throwing in some show-stopping stitches like the moss stitch, you can pull off a gorgeous handmade winter hat. So, picture this: you, a comfy spot, and a crochet hook in hand. We are here with some super quick and easy crochet hat patterns you can try for yourself in that comfy spot!

Basic Beanie 

A simple, crocheted rectangle can be turned into a stylish beanie- you read that right! A flat shape is all you need. Here's the lowdown: start by chaining the length you desire for your hat, creating a vertical foundation. To add that knitted ribbed texture, make single crochet rows all across in the back loops only until you reach your desired width of the beanie. As your rectangle takes shape, roll it into a tube, sealing the deal with slip stitches or sew it up to unite both ends. Gather the top, cinch it tight, and ta-da – you've just conjured a hat into existence! Use a rustic shade such as Viva’s Wood Ash to make it look as warm as it’s actually going to be.

Basic Beanie

Some of the easiest crochet hat patterns for beginners are made from a simple flat rectangle. If you are learning how to crochet, this approach is ideal as it doesn’t involve increasing or decreasing, or even much counting.

The Classic Round Hat 

If you're up for a seamless, snug-fitting hat, crocheting in the round is your go-to move. It's the secret to avoiding those pesky seams while achieving that perfect fit. Sure, it involves a bit of counting, but the trade-off is a sleek, cone-shaped beanie that everyone will absolutely adore.

Start by making a magic ring – it's like the opening act of your crochet masterpiece. Now make ten double crochets in the round, and the beauty is in the simplicity – just keep adding more double crochets in groups of ten in each round. Once you've reached the circumferential size of your head (let's say about 60 double crochets for that Goldilocks fit), maintain that number and keep crocheting rounds until your hat reaches the perfect length. Now, the finishing touch – the brim! Showcase your style by using the knit stitch to form the brim, creating single crochets in the back loop only. It will be a fashion statement worth showing off! We recommend trying Midnight Blue in Viva for this fantastic project. Viva’s superwash merino DK weight yarn, paired with the stunning Midnight Blue shade, is going to result in a hat everyone will stop and stare at!

The Classic Round Hat

The Moss Stitch Beanie 

The Moss stitch beanie is a stunning display of creativity. With Symfonie Yarns’ mesmerizing palette of variegated hues, this textured pattern will be a visual delight as well as a warm accessory. To make this hat, create a magic ring with ten half double crochets inside it- the foundational round. The next round is where the magic begins. You do a half double crochet and then a slip stitch in the next stitch, and you keep repeating this dance in sets of ten. It's like creating a secret code for a fabulously textured hat. Once it reaches your desired circumference, stop increasing and repeat the same pattern until it’s the length of your choice. That’s the Moss stitch for you! As simple as that, this stitch crafts a fabric that is not only visually appealing but also adds depth and warmth to the final creation. To complete the hat with finesse, add a ribbed brim. This final touch lends it a polished appearance, elevating the overall design and making it a standout accessory in winter fashion. Go for Viva’s Mango for this one. Being a vibrant shade, it will allow your texture to pop and enhance its stunning appeal.

So, are you ready to hook your way into some hat-tastic adventures? Try out these fun and easy patterns this winter and weave tales of warmth and fashion with your yarn partner Symfonie Yarns!