Power of Love: Express Your Feelings with the Perfect Yarn Colors

So, you have decided to knit or crochet that love-themed garment for Valentine’s Day in hand dyed yarn colors or aim to level up your wardrobe with some trending red and pink hues? The good news is that the spotlight does not only shine brightly on all hues of red for Valentine’s Month. Energetic red and pinks, from vivid camelia to deeper cherry, burgundy, and lavender tones, are highly sought after by all fiber artists throughout all upcoming seasons in 2024.

But how do you choose the perfect red hue that expresses your feelings but also flatters your personality? Join us as we knit and crochet our way through the spectrum of the love-inspired hues of Merino wool yarns that not only complement our skin tones but also express the depths of our feelings.

Cool or Warm - What Hue are you?

Before starting to design your Valentine’s knitting or crochet project, find out whether you have warm or cool skin tones. You can do that with two simple tests.

Make the Vein Test

  • If the veins on the inside of your wrist look blue or purple, you likely have cool undertones.
  • You likely have warm undertones if they appear green or have a greenish tint.

Make the White Paper Sheet Test

  • With no make-up or lotions on, stand in front of a mirror, hold a white sheet of paper or a t-shirt under your chin, and check how your skin looks in contrast. If your skin looks beige, brown, or greenish, you will likely be a warm color type. If it looks pale, blueish or rosy, you are probably a cool skin type. If your skin has an ashen or very pale appearance, you are likely a neutral skin type.

Once you have determined whether you are a cool or warm color personality, you can then subdivide your color type further by determining your color season, i.e., spring, summer, autumn, or winter. Spring and autumn types are on the warm color side, whereas a cool color palette best complements summer and winter types.

Pure Color Types are Rare

However, many people are a neutral color type or a mix of one or the other type, so they can choose both cool or warm colors for their next handcrafted yarn project or even combine them with neutral, more muted yarn shades, such as Viva’s semi-solid Mirror, Morning Sky or Pink Sandstone semi-solid hues.

Find the ideal Hand-dyed Yarn Palette for Your Skin Undertone

The chroma of any yarn color refers to its intensity. People with very cool undertones tend to be flattered by strong hues high in chroma, such as jewel tones like the Ruby Red or Blue Sapphire of our Luna Yarn. For a romantic occasion, you can make a strong statement with a shawl or top made entirely from Viva or Terra Valentine’s variegated yarn.

In return, the lighter variations of bold and cool colors will suit you best if your skin tone tends to be neutral. Luna’s Pink Agate or Viva’s Camellia may then be your best colors to express love and affection.

Warm color Symfonie Yarns

On the warm side of the color wheel, you can turn to orange, reds, yellows and warm brown or bronze tones, such as the irresistible Bandana Red of Symfonie’s Viva wool.

The warm, reddish, and bronze Madder hues of our organically dyed Flora yarn are also great choices for warm color types. Any crocheted or knitted garments in these natural, earthen hues will give you an overall loving, warm aura.

What about variegated Yarns?

With unique color changes within a single skein, variegated yarns can add beautiful, eye-catching patterns and depth to knitted and crocheted projects. The way these colors transition from one to another can range from subtle shifts to dramatic stripes or speckles.

Variegated yarns

Our Viva Merino wool yarn comes in 10 variegated shades, while the Terra Merino blends offer 10 color combinations ideal for warm, cool, and neutral skin undertones.

Our signature variegated Valentine’s shade is the perfect choice for all knitters and crocheters who prefer bold, cool reds with a hint of pink and burgundy. Paired with neutral colors like Viva’s Jasmine, it can make tops or shawls look elegant and outstanding.

Café Rose is a variegated shade with neutral undertones that is ideal for all hand-knit or crocheted garments for people with mixed or neutral skin types. This variegated yarn color can also perfectly be combined with elegant cooler or warmer shades, depending on which color season you are leaning towards.

What Yarn colors to choose for your next project:

Cool Undertones: Opt for high chroma, jewel tones like Ruby Red or Blue Sapphire in Symfonie Luna Yarn for statement pieces.
Neutral Skin Tones: Choose lighter variations of bold colors, like Luna's Pink Agate or Viva's Camellia, to express love and affection.
Warm Undertones: Go for warm colors like orange, reds, yellows, and warm browns, e.g., Bandana Red of Symfonie’s Viva wool or the reddish, bronze Madder hues in Flora yarn for a loving, caring ambience.
Variegated Yarns: Suitable for all skin undertones, ranging from subtle to dramatic color transitions.

  • Viva and Terra Valentine’s Shade: Ideal for bold, cool reds lovers, it works well with neutral colors for an elegant look.
  • Café Rose: Perfect for those with mixed or neutral undertones, it pairs well with both cooler and warmer shades.

Viva & Teera collections


➼ The language of colors is highly emotional, and that also applies to the yarn color you choose for your next knitting or crocheting project. Regardless of your color type, just let your yarn colors reflect the feelings you would like to express.

➼ Pay note to the compliments you and your garments receive. Do not just go with the technical aspects of color choosing, but also the resonance to the color palette you are wearing in outsiders; their reactions may be a clue to what colors reflect your personality most authentically.

Within the vast hand-dyed color range of Symfonie Merino yarns, you can always find the most beautiful and authentic hue for each emotion and color season, ensuring a perfect match for your next knit or crochet project.