Knitting Tips for Standard Bed and Blanket Sizes: The Perfect Stitch for Warm Comfort

Knitting a bed-sized blanket is a joyful labor of love that results in a cozy, comforting addition to your bedroom. Regardless of your knitting expertise, whether you’re a beginner or a pro in the world of yarn crafts, taking on a blanket project for your bed can be a an enjoyable and rewarding experience. Imagine wrapping yourself in the cozy warmth of a handmade blanket, crafted with your skills and creativity. In this blog, we'll explore essential tips and tricks to ensure your bed-sized blanket turns out just right. As a bonus, we'll even provide a beginner-friendly crochet pattern for an easy blanket using Symfonie Yarns' Merino Silk yarn Luna.

  • Choose the Right Yarn: Selecting the right yarn for your bed-sized blanket is crucial. It should be soft, warm, and durable. Symfonie Yarns' Luna, with its super soft and shimmery textured merino wool and premium silk blend, is an excellent choice. This DK yarn offers a perfect combo of comfort and versatility, making it ideal for a cozy blanket. Plus, it comes in a delightful range of 16 beautiful colors to match your bedroom decor. Want to add a pop of vibrancy to your room? Go with Pink Agate and bring your bedroom decor to life. Or maybe you’re in the mood for a subtle tone to match your serene ambiance—Plum, a deep and sophisticated hue, offers the perfect balance of elegance and tranquility.
  • Know Your Bed Size: Before you start, be sure to know the dimensions of your bed. Whether it's a twin, full, queen, or king, understanding the size is essential to ensure your blanket covers the bed adequately. You can find standard bed sizes online, which will guide you in creating the right dimensions for your blanket. It make things easier when you choose your knitting yarn- allowing you to keep the bed size in mind so that your finished piece turns out in the accurate dimensions. It also saves you from the hassle of unwinding your work or adding extra stitches.
  • Choose the Right Stitch: The choice of stitch pattern can significantly impact the look and feel of your blanket. For beginners, a classic garter stitch or stockinette stitch is easy to work with and creates a lovely texture. If you're feeling more adventurous, you can explore more intricate patterns like cables or lace. Just remember to knit a swatch first to see how your chosen stitch will look in your selected yarn.

When it comes to crochet, simplicity often brings out the best. Consider the timeless single crochet for a tight and sturdy fabric, perfect for warmth. For added texture, the popcorn stitch creates playful bobbles, while the shell stitch adds an elegant, scalloped edge. Experimenting with these basic and decorative crochet stitches can add versatility and charm to your blanket.

  • Gauge Matters: Gauge is your best friend in knitting. Always knit or crochet a gauge swatch before starting your project to ensure that your stitches match the recommended gauge in your chosen pattern. This prevents your blanket from turning out too large or too small.
  • Calculate Yarn Requirements: To avoid running out of yarn mid-project, calculate the total amount of yarn you'll need based on your bed size, stitch pattern, and gauge. Symfonie Yarns provides detailed information on their yarn labels, making it easy to estimate how many skeins you'll require.
  • Seam or Seamless? Decide whether you want to knit or crochet your blanket in one piece (seamless) or in smaller sections to be seamed together later. While working a large, seamless blanket might be more challenging, it avoids the need for seaming, creating a sleek finish.

Try out this Easy Crochet Blanket Pattern with Luna

This beginner-friendly pattern works up quickly and creates a beautifully textured blanket that's perfect for keeping you warm on chilly nights.

  1. Begin with a foundation chain in a length that matches the width you want for your blanket. Make sure the number of chains is a multiple of your chosen stitch pattern i.e. the popcorn stitch.
  2. To make a popcorn stitch, work five stitches into the same stitch or space, depending on your pattern. Once you have those stitches, remove the hook from the working loop, insert it from front to back through the first stitch of the group, and grab the working loop again. Pull it through the stitch to create a raised bobble. Secure it by chaining one or working a single crochet in the next stitch.
  3. Work the popcorn stitch pattern for the desired length of your blanket, switching colors as you like to create a striped design. We recommend using Olive and Moonlight in Luna to create the perfect contrast.
  4. Finish off your blanket with a neat border in a contrasting color.

By following these tips and using the luxurious Symfonie Yarns, you'll create a blanket that offers both comfort and style. And if you're a crochet enthusiast, don't miss the bonus crochet blanket pattern to expand your crafting skills!