Mother's Day Warmth: Yarn Creations to Show Your Love

Mother's Day is a special occasion that calls for meaningful gestures, and taking the time to craft something unique with your own hands adds an extra layer of warmth and care to your gift. With Symfonie Yarns' exquisite DK weight yarn, you have the perfect medium to turn simple strands into meaningful and celebratory Mother’s Day gifts. Let’s dive into some delightful and easy-to-follow yarn ideas that will surely bring joy to your mom on her special day!

Blooming Rose Basket

A large, vibrant rose propped up in a beautifully textured handmade basket is just the thing you need to make for your mom this Mother’s Day. This rose can be used singularly as it’s quite large and will fill your basket up in a jiffy, or if you’re feeling feisty- you can even make an entire bouquet out of it!
Symfonie Yarns has got the perfect shade for this project. Viva’s Red Rose- it’s literally in the name! You can even choose to whip it up in a variegated yarn shade like Valentine’s. Oh, and you can use your yarn fusion expertise here by making the basket with a different yarn range and color! How about Flora’s Deep Madder? It’s tailor-made for a cute basket project.

The Rose:

  • Chain 52. Now make a half-double crochet in the fourth chain from the hook.
  • Chain 2. Make another half-double crochet in the same space where you made the first one. It will make a ‘V’ shape.
  • That’s all for this row. Repeat this pattern up until you reach the end of your chain 52. You’ll end up with approximately 17 clusters.
  • Now turn your work, chain 1, and make five half-double crochets in that ‘V’ shaped space you made all throughout the previous row. There you have your first petal!
  • Single crochet in the space between the clusters. Repeat for the next three petals.
  • In the next three ‘V’ spaces, make 6 half double crochet petals, with a single crochet in between the clusters.
  • In the next four ‘V’ spaces, make 7 half double crochet petals. And for the remaining spaces, make 8 half-double crochets in each one.
  • This gradual increase in the petals size will make your rose have a more natural look.

The Basket:

  • Make a flat circle, starting from making 6 single crochets in a magic ring, and increasing it up until you reach 7 rounds, with 42 single crochets in it.
  • Now make 42 single crochets in the front loop only, outlining the base of your basket’s bottom surface.
  • Here’s the fun part: In each round starting from this one, you’ll make one front post half double crochet, and one back post half double crochet all around. This will end up with a marvelous ribbed look on your basket, giving it a hyper-realistic feel.
  • Repeat the aforementioned rounds until you reach your desired height. Now it’s time for the handle!

The Handle:

  • This will take just a few minutes, it’s that easy. Just grab a piece of bendable but sturdy crafting wire. Cut it up in the length you want the handle to be.
  • Make single crochets with the wire tucked between your loops. For this size, you might end up with approximately 30 single crochets on the handle.
  • Attach both ends to the rim of the basket’s bowl. Your flower basket is good to go!

Now all you have to do is place your beautiful rose in the basket, sprinkle it with your love, and gift it to your mother. The worth of this handmade and ever-lasting rose will be priceless!

Quick and Practical Handy Dishcloth

Crocheting a dishcloth for your mom is not just a delightful pastime; it's a practical and thoughtful gift that she'll cherish. There are so many ways to use a crochet dishcloth! It’s one of the handiest tools in the kitchen. Whether it’s wiping the counter, holding a hot utensil, or scrubbing the dishes- a dishcloth will take care of it all! But you don’t have to stop there. You can also use these dishcloths as reusable tiny towels in the bath or shower. Or better yet, you can even use the little rectangular fabric for your face, or as a makeup remover! With Symfonie Yarns’ premium Merino Wool fingering yarn, these tiny towels will be the perfect reusable replacement for your mom’s disposable cotton wipes!

Mother? Day Warmth: Yarn Creations to Show Your Love

Just chain your desired length of the dishcloth, and make double or half double crochets back and forth until you reach the size you require. Finish it off with a fancy border all around such as the crab stitch or rib stitch!

Roomy Market tote

Say goodbye to single-use plastic bags with a simple and reusable crochet market tote! Perfect for grocery shopping or a visit to the farmers' market, your mom is going to love you for this one. Use earthy shades of Flora like Sand or Soft Madder to give it an all-rounder look.

Mother? Day Warmth: Yarn Creations to Show Your Love

  • The bag is essentially a basic rectangle, folded and stitched to form the final shape.
  • The beginning chain-2 at the start of the row doesn't count as a stitch in the overall count.

Body of the Bag:

  1. Row 1: Chain 152, half double crochet (hdc) in the 3rd chain from the hook, hdc in the remaining chains, turn. (150 hdc)
  2. Row 2: Chain 2, hdc in each stitch across, turn. (150 hdc)
  3. Row 3-42: Repeat Row 2. (150 hdc)
  4. Fasten off.


  • The rectangle's length should be about 3 times its height (approximately 42” x 14”).
  • Lay the rectangle flat and insert place markers (PM) at key points.
    1. In the last stitch on the bottom left corner.
    2. In the 50th stitch on the bottom (counting from the right).
    3. In the 100th stitch on the top (counting from the right).
    4. In the first stitch on the top right corner.
  • Fold the bottom left corner up to the top, meeting the markers on the 100th stitch.
  • Fold the top right corner down to the bottom, meeting the marker on the 100th stitch.
  • Fold the entire project so that all the stitch markers meet.
  • Slip stitch the first seam, starting with the marked stitches and working to the corner of the bag. (50 sl st)
  • Flip the bag and repeat on the other side. (50 sl st)


  • Crochet the handle by chaining your desired length from one end of the bag to the other.
  • Attach it securely and add single or double crochets to widen the handle (approximately 40 stitches).

And there you have it – the perfect way to show appreciation for the love and unwavering support your mother provides. With Symfonie Yarns, craft these heartfelt gifts for her this Mother’s Day and make her feel your gratitude!