10 Easy Knitting Projects for Beginners

Are you just starting with knitting or are you introducing your loved craft to a new knitter? A new hobby is exciting and all you want to do it put your knitting needles to use and make something incredible. These designs are perfect for new knitters because they use basic stitches and techniques and are also small and quick to complete. These projects will give you enough opportunity to practice your knitting skills.

For your beginner projects, you can either knit back and forth (flat) on a pair of straights or circular knitting needles. Knitting in the round is not that difficult and you can use circulars or double-pointed needles (DPNs) so if you are planning to make a project get a little practice. So grab your needles and yarn and join us for a fun and satisfying crafting journey!

Planning your first knitting project

Once you’ve learned the knit and purl stitches and the basic techniques to cast on, bind off and weave in ends, it won't be long before you're itching to try a new project. While there are several ways to cast on stitches, it's a good idea to begin reasonably and gradually hone your technique. As you practice, you'll start to achieve the results you desire.

That being said, the best way to achieve consistent results is to choose a simple pattern. There are plenty of resources on the web for knitters of all levels. Or you can seek out the help of an experienced knitter from our community. Here are a few tips to consider when selecting your pattern:

  • Choose the right knitting needles and lengths. We suggest going with a project that calls for needle sizes US 6-10.
  • If possible, select a beginner-friendly yarn. Worsted weight solid super-wash wool is a good option, as it's easy to work with and forgiving of mistakes.
  • Make sure to read through the pattern beforehand, as it will save you time in the long run. If the pattern includes more than 3 techniques that you aren't familiar with, you may want to opt for a simpler one. Our guide on knitting vocabulary offers a handy list of knitting stitches and techniques.
  • Also, look for patterns with specific yarn requirements. As a new knitter, you could underestimate the amount of yarn you need for the project.
  • To get your confidence up, begin with a few small, quick projects. Once you have a bit more experience, you can try something more ambitious. Generally, larger projects tend to take longer and don't always turn out as pictured in the pattern.

Keep in mind that these initial projects should be considered as a learning exercise. Knitting can be picked up quickly, but it takes time for your muscles and brain to fully grasp all the techniques and motions. In the end, handmade projects are incredibly rewarding and the skills you acquire by learning to knit can last a lifetime.

If you're looking for some projects to start out with, why not try one of these?

1. Hats

This beginner-friendly project is perfect for knitters looking to learn how to make a hat. This can be worked with circulars in back and forth knitting style. We’ll be using a rectangle of garter stitch with lots of stretch for different sizes of head. The stockinette stitch traps enough air between the rows of stitches to provide insulation in cold weather. The stitch pattern curls at the edge and is the right fit for the turn-up bottom flap allowing the wearer to adjust the fit. Pay special attention to the decreases in order to create a seamless, snug-fitting hat. In addition, those with more experience may want to experiment with double pointed needles or one of the circular needles for a new challenge. Knitting in the round will create a seamless project.

2. Scarf

A scarf in a garter stitch (all rows of knit stitches if you are working on straights and alternative rows of knit and purl stitches if you are working on circular knitting needles) will give you exactly this opportunity. If you pick a big chunky wool yarn you can create your first project. You can take up circular knitting needles for the project as the cord will handle the weight of the scarf you are making. Our guide on how to knit a scarf will walk you through the steps.

3. Dishcloth

Dishcloths are an excellent beginner-friendly project, as they are quick to make. It is always recommended using cotton or acrylic yarn, as they are sustainable materials. In addition, they are the ideal project to learn new stitches. Maybe you want to learn the Seed stitch or the double stockinette stitch or try a new colorwork technique? Then cast on the required number of stitches for a square-shaped fabric, a little bigger than a gauge swatch.

4. Pillow or Cushion Cover

Garter stitch pattern or a stockinette with a neat edge is perhaps the simplest of knitting projects. Designing a pillow or cushion or just the cover can be designed beautifully even with the simple stitches. To make them special use different colors of yarn or add pom poms or tassels. You can also make wonderful designs on the knitted fabric with duplicate stitches with a darning needle. Chunky knitted round pillows are eye-catchers and are quite easy to make.

5. Fingerless Gloves

Practical for all weathers, the fingerless gloves are not just wonderful accessories or gifts, they are also the best beginner projects. You can even knit them flat on two single-pointed needles and join them in a tubular shape with a simple mattress stitch. Here you would need information of how to weave in yarn ends with a darning needle. Or, make a tube with rib stitch patterns with circular needles or the DPNs. No complicated increases or decreases but can be made challenging with cable stitch patterns or colorwork.

6. Socks

Socks are among knitter’s most favorite projects. They serve well the wearer and is a cherished gift. Socks will give enough practice of knitting in the round and working with a set of four or five double pointed needles.

7. Cardigan

The project might seem challenging for a beginner but then it’s a good way to step into the world of garment knitting. With a pattern it is quite simple to knit a cardigan and even with measurements it is easy to attempt one. Make it in pieces by knitting on circular needles or in a seamless pattern.

8. Cowl

Beginner-friendly and quite easy to make, a cowl is a knitting project that is simple yet can be made challenging with interesting stitch patterns.

9. Purse or Bag

A purse or bag can be easily designed with two rectangles of knitted fabric. Making a seamless project is also an option but it may be too difficult or time-taking for a beginner.

10. Stuffed Toys

Stuffed toys can be easily knit even though the most popular option is crocheting a toy, known as Amigurumi. To start small, try a stuffed star or a heart. You can easily get simply patterns for bunnies, or an owl, etc. Even if some patters look difficult to you, going through the instructions might make things clear.

Now that you got so many options, it’s time for you to start a new project. Visit Mindful Collection blog and learn even more about knitting needles, knitting accessories, techniques, and more.  It’s a treasure trove of interesting information.

Happy knitting!