Discover Artistic Beauty with the Yarn Crafts of Knitting and Crocheting

Art is the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power. Yarn is a powerful element to showcase art. A whole new world opens up with yarn. It turns dreams into reality. Though knitting and crocheting are generally considered to be yarn crafts, they also have artistic value. Both yarn crafts are not just for a purpose, they have an aesthetic that pleases the viewer. Created with knitting needles or crochet hooks, the artistic pieces of yarn are not just for functionality or practicality in the form of warm sweaters, socks, scarves, etc., they can also be made to create something just to admire. It has now become the art of crafts. Even hand-dyed yarns have become a piece of art with the method of dyeing the yarns an art themselves.

Knitting and Crocheting Arts

Going by the definition, art is visual presentation and so many crafters have now taken this up. It is often noted how people tend to identify themselves when talking about the type of craft they most practice. “I am a knitter.” or “I am a crocheter.” are the type of self-descriptors that are sometimes heard. Most of us tend to have a “primary craft”, but many of us know the basics of other handcrafts. This has created a new focus on fiber work as a creative medium worthy of respect and notice. Knitters who only worked with knitting needles are now picking up crochet hooks, embroidery is making its way onto knitted items and crochet is being used to augment or decorate almost everything.

Discover Artistic Beauty with the Yarn Crafts of Knitting and Crocheting

As our knowledge grows, inspiration is revealed and beauty is created. Even craft tool manufacturers have developed products that promoted the emotional benefit of crafts. The Mindful Collection is a line of knitting needles that features special words imprinted right on the needle. They were created with the knowledge that the act of knitting often results in meditation -  a practice long-known to promote mental clarity and peace.  Even the cases and accessories, were made in a soothing color. This is only one example, while craft tools are developed according to individual interests and comfort.

Today a huge variety of crafts is flourishing. A number of things account for this, including the Covid pandemic. Since restrictions kept everyone at home for an extended period, people turned to home-spun and familiar things such as knitting, sewing and reading to make good use of time. 

As people became more proficient, they also began to create more. New books that promoted a range of crafts and the making of unique things began to appear. Groups were formed online and this mingling of interests created new relationships and greater awareness of the wealth of options that exist for the fiber artist.

With the constant influx of young and innovative new knitters and needle artists, fiber artistry is evolving quickly.  Handwork is being seen as the true art form it is, and fiber artists are receiving attention from galleries and collectors. There are no boundaries between types of artistic expression. Crochet is now appearing everywhere – often on the runway as designers embrace its versatility and not just as trimming. Artists are using crochet techniques to create wall hangings that promote ecological studies and awareness.  People use their knitted work as a type of canvas by embroidering on finished knitted garments. New books and social media posts attest to its growing popularity.

Most yarn companies are now producing mini skeins so knitters can indulge their inner designer and use multiple colors in a variety of creatively unique ways. To see how one contemporary artist is using fiber to promote not only beauty but important lessons, check out the work of Vanessa Barragao who practices crafts that include crochet, latch hooking, and other fiber techniques to create her inspiring, life-like creations. Her installations are awe-inspiring and beautiful, yet they also remind us that the situation with our oceans is quickly reaching critical mass.

There are several ecological and socially sensitive artists who, like Vanessa, are using the power of their artistry to beautify our environment and educate the people who see their work.

This 12 x 24’ crochet mural, LaFlor De Mi Madre, by artist Naomi Lawrence, is installed on the fence at McCabe Field in East Harlem, NY. It represents the diverse community in which it is placed and is a colorful representation of the national flowers of some of the local citizen’s home countries.

So, if you are a fan of arts, you have the power of transforming the world. Yarns open up multitude of opportunities. You do not have to rely on wool or cotton or cheap acrylics, but explore creativity with hand-dyed yarns. With yarns available in in a broad, radiant palette of hand-dyed semisolids, variegated and natural-dyes, it is now up to you to be creative. 

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Happy Crafting!