Crochet Granny Square with Symfonie Yarns

Do you have colorful yarns and a crochet hook and don't know what to make? Work on granny squares. Once you've mastered the basic crochet stitches, the next step is to learn how to crochet granny squares. They are colorful, easy, and fun! Above all, you can customize them to fit anything you want. Tops, bags, dresses, hot pants, skirts, cushion covers, blankets, or even footwear, granny squares create colorful masterpieces. So, what are you waiting for? Let's get started with granny squares. You can go ahead if you've got yarn for crochet, even scraps.

What is a Granny Square?

Granny squares are a lovely, beginner-friendly crochet project. The piece of square fabric is crocheted by working in rounds from the center outward. If you can make a slip knot, chains, and double crochet stitches (US patterns), you are good to go. The knowledge of magic circles in crochet helps you customize the granny square according to your project. You can work on any size of the square, as you only need to add to the rounds. Also, you can experiment with yarns and stitches, opting for treble or double treble crochet stitches (US patterns) for a lacey granny square.

Of course, you will need a crochet hook and yarn, which we'll discuss next.

Choosing the Crochet Hook

You can choose any single-ended crochet hook from your craft collection. Make sure that you have the hook size that corresponds to the yarn weight. Refer to our yarn weight guide for more details.

How to Choose Yarn for Granny Squares?

You can work on granny squares with any yarn for crochet projects. You can choose fingering or DK weights or experiment with lighter and heavier yarn weights. Now, the wonderful thing about the project is that you can work with one shade or 3-4 colors at a time. We believe the more colors, the merrier the project.

With Symfonie Yarns, you can explore hand-dyed yarns and different yarn weights and fibers. From extra fine merino wool with machine washability to silk-merino blend and durable polyamide-merino blend, you can choose fingering weight, DK weight, and worsted weight yarns.

Step 1- Foundation Ring

The granny square starts with a ring. You can opt for an adjustable ring with the magic circle technique or work with a chain of five to six stitches joined with a slip stitch. The adjustable ring allows a dense granny square but is challenging to work with. The chain stitches create a little hole but become the center around which you place the DC stitches of the first round of the square.

Crochet Colorful Granny Square with Symfonie Yarns

Step 2- Work Double Crochet Stitches

Join the ring and start the first round of double stitches. You can introduce a new yarn color here. Chain two. Insert your hook into the ring, pull the yarn over, pull through, and pull the yarn over again to create a double crochet stitch.

Repeat with as many times for DC as needed to fill the ring, but make sure you have an even number of stitches, e.g., 10. The number of stitches you create in your first round, determines the size of the square, so plan accordingly.

After the first round of double crochets, do not yarn over, instead, insert the hook through the two chain stitches made at the start of the round and make a slip stitch.
Follow this step after every round.

Step 3 – Square it up

The crochet project is still a ring which you transform it into a square. How will you do this? Make four edges, and to do this, you need to follow two steps: First, add more stitches in each round, and second, rearrange all your stitches by adding chains.

Make the first square corner with two chain stitches counting as the first double crochet of this round. Add a new yarn color. Then make two more double crochets into the same stitch. Make a chain stitch, three double crochets, and one chain loop into that very same stitch. Now, you have a total of six double crochets plus two chain loops in one stitch that form the first edge.

To prevent the granny square from curling, skip two double crochet stitches and insert your hook into the third stitch after your edge. Make three DC plus a chain stitch, then skip another two stitches and work your second edge like your first.

Repeat until you have positioned your corners symmetrically around the circle, then join with a slip stitch and start the next round.

crochet granny square with symfonie yarns

Step 4 – Weaving in the ends

Once the granny square is complete, you need to weave the end. If you have decided on a really colorful square, you will find numerous loose tail ends. In this case, you would require a darning needle.

If you prefer to weave in your yarn tail as you go, the simplest way to weave in the tails of your beginning and the previous round is to yarn them over as you crochet your round. This technique works fine if you craft double or single crochets, as these create a tight enough fabric. If you work on lacy granny square patterns and use lots of treble stitches, it is recommended to either weave in loose ends with a yarn needle or join crochet squares with the chain stitches.

Get ready to design your own breezy granny square garment or accessory with hand-dyed Symfonie Yarns. Explore vibrant solid and variegated shades with Viva, Terra, and Luna ranges. Viva offers extra fine merino wool with machine washability, allowing your project to frequent washes. Luna provides a merino-silk blend that shimmers in the light. Terra's polyamide blend with wool makes it durable and strong. So, what would you like to create?